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ninja master prep kitchen shot
The Ninja Master Prep is typical of most products sold through infomercials - in that TV is the primary way they advertise and generate sales. Like any "As Seen On TV" product however, there are locations where you can but it.

NinjaOffer.com - Link

This is the main company site, which sells the Master Prep for $59.85. with free shipping.

- Link

It`s a little more expensive here at $58.46 with Shipping & Handling of $7.72.

Bed Bath & Beyond
- Link

Retails for $49.99 each with varying shipping costs.

sams club

Sams Club apparently has them for $49.95 and comes with one pitcher and three processor cups. I have not confirmed this myself.
has been reported to have them at the $49.99 price point as well.


has tends to several, both new and used.

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